“We needed a total transformation of our bathroom and had an awful lot of things we needed to fit into a small space!ย John worked tirelessly to produce a high quality bathroom from the bottom up, strengthening the joist for our cast iron bath, creating a perfect level for a walk in shower that drains beautifully and utilising what space we had to fit the essential toilet and sink in! From ripping out to creating new walls to painting the ceilings, the quality of the workmanship has been absolutely fantastic. An external company fitted our slatted blinds and the contractor told me that he’d never seen such a square frame! John has it all, quality, perfection, creativity and total patience for his clients! Thanks John, 3 years on our bathroom continues to impress those who stay and we still thoroughly enjoy using it.”

“Working with John is a great experience. He intuitively knows what we want to achieve –ย we work brilliantly together to ensure it’s delivered.”